Before investing any hard earned cash, it is important to understand basic investment terms so that the best, informed decisions can be made. At the very core of any investment decision is understanding capital growth.

Capital growth is fundamental to all investment principles, as without it, investing is pointless. This is because to grow capital means that the value of an asset increases. That asset can take many forms, but crudely put, if there is no capital growth, money invested either remains worth the same or, worse, it diminishes in value.

Hanover Merchant Capital offers investment that seeks only to grow capital. This is because by investing in our artisan water project through our leaseback agreements, customers receive 5.29% back each year in income. In addition, at the end of the five year contract, there is the option to sell back the contract for the original investment price. There is also the possibility, depending on the condition of the market, for customers to receive a 10% return on investment. As these three terms help mitigate risk, our artisan water project makes investing with Hanover an excellent choice for those seeking capital growth.

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