Below is an outline for the Artesian Bottled Water Lease Agreement (WLA’s)

  1. £5,000 per contract (approx volume 25,000 litres)
  2. Income of 7.69% per annum (Lease agreement, rental paid annually in arrears).
  3. Up to 10% potential return on capital investment *
  4. Option for investors to sell back the Lease Agreement (after 5 year period) at the original face value or an increase based on market value (sell back option).
  5. Asset backed (redeem at anytime for physical delivery of the contract)
  6. Redemption value and receive 7.89% per annum income

This opportunity offers an income of 7.89% per annum (Water Lease Agreement), with up to an 10% potential gain*

(subject to market prices) overall, backed up with full legal ownership on the asset for underlying security. It’s a buy back lease agreement where you can exercise an option to sell back the contract lease at original face value (after a 5 year period) after receiving 7.69% annually and depending on market values receive up to 10% return. . . it’s that easy! Individual contracts start from as little as £5,000 and you can acquire just one or multiple contracts.

Example :

  • You are interested in a contract.
  • The value is £5,000 per contract (volume 25,000 litres).
  • You take out a 5 year lease.
  • You pay the £5,000 purchase price.
  • You receive 7.69% per annum.
  • By no later than 5 years, you can receive up to 10%* capital return on your investment and sell the contract back to the company

So the details of the contracts would be as follows:

1 cubic metre equals 1,000 litres

Contract value equals 20p per litre

Therefore : 20,000 litres (10m³) = £4,000 per contract




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