An off plan sale or traditional free hold property purchase is a binding contract between the purchaser and the developer whereby the purchaser is committed to settling a property. The purchaser has to organise finance to settle, incur legal costs, find tenants and inevitably pay management fees. Now remove valuations, mortgages, lawyers, conveyancing, property management and all associated costs, hassles and fees. At Hanover Merchant Capital an added benefit and derivative of property development and property investment are (where possible) assosciated water rights and these agreements obviously differ to a typical freehold sale in that it’s a sale back of a real physical product or the rights to take delivery of the product which is actual bulk volume pure mineral drinking water  … there will always be a market for potable clean pure drinking water in Africa. We are an innovative company and strive for excellence providing our clients with added long term potential growth and added opportunities via alternative investments.


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