We have a number of unique situations and the opportunities we create, combined with our integrated approach is unique and therefore provides our clients with a genuine alternative to other projects and traditional off-plan property investment. Importantly, our integrated approach and the numerous projects we have completed across the world are evidence of this success.

unspecified-2Exciting opportunities continue to be sourced throughout the world and capitalised through our dedicated teams across the network of office locations of our group of companies. It is our goal to grow our business through creating wealth and offering true financial freedom.

Our current opportunities include Property Lease Agreement’s or PLA’s and Water Lease Agreement’s or WLA’s. We have other projects currently in the early design phases such as Hotel projects and Assisted Living developments.

We are also currently designing a new residential development specially for a 5,300 hectare game reserve as regional property trends and analysis conclude that over the next 15 years sustained pressure on residential supply from general urbanisation and growth will lead to expansion beyond already strained current municipal boundaries.

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