Investing in Water

Up to 30% Capital Growth (3-5 years)

Initial Capital Guaranteed

5.29% Guaranteed Annual Income


“Water will be bigger than oil … water is the next big thing”

Willem Buiter. Citibank ~ Chief Economist



“There is only 1 direction for water prices at the moment and that’s up”

Hans Peter Portner. Pictet ~ US$2.9 Billion Water Fund



“Forget gold 

invest in water”

Richard Dyson. TELEGRAPH ~ Personal Finance Editor



“one of the best places to grow money over the long term”

Beth Mckenna. Motley Fool



“What is more fundamental than water?”

Alex Davidson. Wall Street Journal



“The demand for water wells is huge!”

Ky Trang Ho. FORBES ~ Investment Strategies & Trends


Estimates are that between $300 million to $400 million of water is owned ‘purely for investment purposes’

Experience The Benefits

Yes. You can invest in water related markets from as low as £5,000.   With up to 10% returns on investment over 3-5 years. With initial capital guaranteed and a proven track record. Alternative investment products have long been used by institutional investors.   Today they are becoming increasingly popular among individual investors seeking to provide greater diversification to their traditional portfolios.Non traditional investments can provide access to markets and investments typically not available to individual investors offering greater portfolio diversification beyond stocks, mutual funds and bonds.   We have a selection of many different opportunities to suit all needs, each selected using the strictest guidelines and due diligence processes. 

Guaranteed. Asset Backed

Fully asset backed with first charge secured against assets. Our product is secured against the underlying assets which are insured including contractual guarantees.   Peace Of Mind With Alternative Investments   We offer high quality Alternative investments using the services of regulated and licensed British and European Banking Institutions and UK solicitors.  


Why Invest In Water?

Water Trading Markets and Exchanges…   Like gold and oil, water is a commodity – as it happens to be rather scarce. About 70% of the earths surface is covered in water, but 97% of it is saltwater, remaining 3% of the worlds water resources only about 1% is readily available for human consumption.

Rapid industrialization, polution, climate change and increasing agricultural use have contributed to worldwide water shortages.   Launched a few years ago another futures exchange is more evidence that water is becoming a tradable commodity, just like crude.  

In the first 3 months of trading $1.6m forward contracts representing circa 16.5 billion litres of water changed hands. “They can contnue to hold that right to take delivery of water in a particular system, or sell that right for a greater price,” says Tom Rooney CEO of the new futures exchange. “Its just like buying orange juice concentrate futures or pork bellies.

You could actually take physical delivery of pork bellies and eat a lot of pork bellies … Or you could sell your contract at a profit”.   Bob O’Brien, economist and founder of consultancy Percat Water, calculated that $1.5 bn worth of water has traded in the last few years. 

Here at Hanover we use indexes below to track the various global Water Investment Market Exchanges (WIME’s)

Bloomberg World Water Index . Dow Jones U.S. Water Index . S&P 1500 Water Utilities Index .

ISE-B&S Water Index . MSCI World Water Index



Water demand for energy could increase by up to 30% between 2010-2035, with non-OECD countries contributing 90% growth!



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