Before investing in artisan water with Hanover Merchant Capital, it is important to know what exactly it is.

Put simply, artisan water is drinkable freshwater found in an area underground called an aquifer.

Water accumulates in the aquifer as rain filters down through the earth’s surfaces. Eventually, so much water collates in the aquifer that it is then pushed to the surface through what is known as an artisan well. It is this very accumulation of water in an aquifer that differentiates artisan water from that which is just tapped from the water table through a traditional well.

At Hanover Merchant Capital, we have identified an aquifer in a remote, protected part of the world, deep under the Namibian wilderness. It gives us access to what we believe will become one of the world’s most necessary commodities: clean and safe freshwater. Whilst most of the earth is covered in sea water, none of this is drinkable for humans. Additionally, just a small percentage of water that is fresh is accessible to us. Thus, the discovery of such aquifers in Namibia is not only important but incredibly valuable.

With so much of the world already suffering from water shortages, a trend that will only continue with further global warming and climate change, we are confident that we have found a real investment opportunity for our clients.

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