At the heart of our success are our people, the teams of dedicated and highly experienced individuals that work together to provide seamless solutions and deliver results to an unrivalled standard. Hanover Merchant Capital’s mission is to create a profitable legacy of enduring significance in the global markets while applying the same principles of effective property and commodity allocation to promote sustainable human development.

We recognise that our success is tied to the health of the capital markets and economies in which we operate. Success is not simply about recognising the right opportunities, it’s about acting upon them. We are a company the strives for success at every level continually looking to further strengthen our team position to create value and make a difference as one of the world’s most dynamic and successful companies”.

We look at markets where there are shortages or a limited supply of land, housing and natural resources with strong underlying fundamentals in relation to economic growth, economic investment and free market economies, thereby ensuring quality and profitability at every level.

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