Hanover Merchant Capital are an international property development company housing a team of experienced property developers while also brokering associated water trading rights. The company origins began over a decade ago dealing as a financial investment house for private equity clients based in the city of London and the Isle of Man. Due to growth and expansion the company merged the private equity division with an International Fund Management company and de-merged the property group. Hanover Merchant Capital have recognised the potential of pooling resources and raising equity to invest in multiple projects worldwide as opposed to working on fewer projects individually. The result being larger more diverse projects in multiple international locations, delivering collective growth for the company and strategic properties for our clients selected for their potential to substantially increase in value. With combined 50 years international property experience in the UK, Europe, USA and Southern Africa, the group’s principle leading the development team has a broad range of private company and direct institutional experience with Old Mutual Properties, Momentum Life as well as with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed Property Trust sector. Hanover Merchant Capital provides clients with clear expertise in direct investment and development across all property sectors as well as strategic property management and innovative structuring skills.

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